Hardware | Software | Embedded | Web | Prototype | Commercialisation

Do you need to create a complex website, customer portal, billing system, interface with existing technology, or develop a stand-alone product? Need a special piece of test software or algorithm developed? Perhaps you plan to fabricate low-cost electronics for a custom hardware application.  If I can't directly assist, I can advise and connect you with expert engineers.


Product Development | Bootstrapping | Product-Market Fit | Business Automation

I've been active in tech startups since 2001, working as a co-founder or partner in 10+ businesses, in university commercialisation, and in helping 500+ businesses get online. I stay up to date with the latest buzz in the startup world by attending startup and tech conferences in Australia and Silicon Valley.

I'm at my best when working directly with founders in providing technology leadership, and in implementing technology solutions, with the support of my design team. I can guide you in making considered technology decisions, by focusing on your minimum viable product or service, with analytics in place to test product-market fit.


Web | Design | SEO | Marketing | Content

Planning to build a new website? I've helped over 500 businesses get online since 2006, so have current web experience, as well as a team of full-time graphic designers and programmers via Publish My Web. If you need your own team or specialist developers, locally or overseas, I can help you identify the right candidates, then get you setup with tools and systems for project management.

I can assist you to design and execute on your online marketing strategy, be it SEO, online advertising or social media. I've personally optimised hundreds of websites for SEO, and have run adwords campaigns for our clients for over a decade.

I can help get you started on creating great content for your website, and in developing a process to produce content ongoing for SEO. Your strategy here is crucial, as any sustainable content strategy must be a natural expression of your business.


Remote Teams | Overseas Outsourcing | Technology Recruitment

Do you need help recruiting and managing a remote or overseas based team for design, admin, IT or customer support? Since 2009 I've recruited and managed remote teams through our web design business, Publish My Web. My team of full-time employees have completed hundreds of tech projects and provide ongoing customer support.

We have developed custom software to manage remote teams day-to-day, including features that record work completed, hours worked, with linkage to tickets, emails and invoicing.

Finding the right people for your team is crucial. This is more difficult for remote based teams, where you may not be able to interview staff in person, and are grappling with a different culture. Over the last decade, we have developed a robust process for recruiting and training staff remotely.  We can share this approach with you, for use with your own remote team.