Nick Jerrat | B.Eng, M.Eng

Hi. Thanks for dropping by. I'm the founder of IdeaBank and Publish My Web.

I've been working as a computer engineer since the year 2000. On this page, I go into some detail about my background.

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I currently live in Perth, with regular visits to Melbourne and Sydney.

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In 2000, I completed a bachelor degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Curtin University. I then began a six year adventure working in the Electrical Engineering department at Curtin, undertaking research into image compression and building prototypes of solar powered camera systems. During this time, I completed a master degree by research into error resilient image compression.

After leaving Curtin in 2007, I launched IdeaBank. IdeaBank was initially focused on web design and SEO, before launching Publish My Web, a web design company, now with 6 staff and 200 active website clients across Australia and New Zealand.

I'm the tech lead for Disgen, an innovative solar finance company based in Perth. I've been working on a scalable remote metering and billing system, as well as conducting their solar R&D.

I have recently taken on a role with a well-known Perth startup, project managing their remote Sri Lankan development team. This was a good fit, as I have a decade of experience managing my own team based in the Philippines.

I help manage websites for business leaders like Brad Rosser, former right-hand man to Richard Branson; Peter Irvine, co-founder of Gloria Jeans Coffees; Tony Gattari, Australia's marketing expert at Achievers Group; and Bri Williams, Melbourne's Behavioural Economics guru.

First office at Curtin (year 2000)

I've worked on diverse technology projects, with organisations including the University of Sydney, LandCorp, Department of Agriculture (WA), Australian Institute of Management (AIM), The Independent School Counsellors' Association (WA), Sheraton Hotels, and the Laser Franchise Group. However, for the most part I have worked with SME, founders and entrepreneurs.

In 2011, I sold a virtual business, Thesis Edit, which continues to provide editing services to students all over the world.

I've got many startup scars and war stories, having been involved in my many that didn't make it.

Career Highlights

  • In 2002-2004, I coded a novel image wavelet compression codec in C with no libraries, for Windows and Texas Instruments digital signal processors. For this work I was awarded a master degree by research, receiving a commendation from the chancellor for research into wireless image compression.
  • I secured 400k in grants while at Curtin University to build a solar powered, wireless camera system for deployment on rural properties. I led a team of four to implement the first prototype of this system on a Perth property in 2005. I completed and demonstrated a second version in 2013 on a farm in Williams, WA.
  • I was part of the founding team to launch AuQuest in 2005, a company designing world leading hand-held gold detectors. Involved in many facets of the business, including writing patents, websites, marketing materials, demonstrations around Australia, as well as hand soldering detectors!
  • I launched in 2006, an online thesis editing service, providing editing services to students all around the world. ThesisEdit was sold in May 2011 to a US based document editing company.
  • I founded IdeaBank in 2006, creating hundreds of websites and technology solutions for our clients, from intranets to booking systems, e-commerce portals to automated online marketing.
  • Founded Publish My Web in 2012, to manage the growing web-design client base of IdeaBank. Publish My Web has now created hundreds of websites and technology solutions for our clients, from intranets to booking systems, e-commerce portals, remote monitoring systems to automated online marketing.