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Website Marketing & Social Media

Why 2014 is the year to skyrocket your business into the cloud

This month we are pleased to have Damian from Web24, an expert in cloud hosting, to share his insights about the shift in business and IT to the cloud, a rapidly accelerating trend across all industries.

Name selection and protection for businesses, brands, services and products

In the international online marketplace, selecting a business, brand, product or service name that is available and protectable, as well as memorable and easy to spell, is a difficult challenge. We outline here a successful strategy for doing so, as well as provide some essential online checks and tools that you will need to achieve this creative and logistical task.

Social Media Update: Linkedin Endorsements

Linkedin endorsements are quickly becoming a widely used feature in the Linkedin network. In fact, since its launch in the closing quarter of 2012, Linkedin users have made more than 550 million endorsements! LinkedIn endorsements are a fast and easy way for people to endorse your skills and expertise with a single click, without having to write a full recommendation. In this article, we discuss how you and your business can benefit from this popular feature.

How colour selection can improve your marketing results

Choosing colours for your logo, website and advertising campaigns may seem simple enough. For experienced designers, colour selection may even seem like second nature. However, colour selection is more than picking out a favourite colour and using it in a layout. Some businesses go to great lengths to pick the right colour. Google once tested 41 shades of blue for the background colour of their toolbar to determine which shade creates the greatest user interaction.

Gamification: using game design to engage your customers online

Have you ever collected frequent flyer miles or joined a credit card rewards program? Or perhaps played an online game like Farmville, where your progress is shown to your friends on your facebook news feed? If you answered yes, then you have experienced gamification in action.

7 Steps to Successful Website Marketing in 2013

2012 was a year of many developments for SEO and website marketing. From the Penguin and Panda Google updates to the rise of data visualisation and social media, 2012 was truly a challenging time for SEO. 2013 is shaping up to be an exciting year for those who may have fallen short in their website marketing efforts last year. The new year is the perfect opportunity to position your business online, particularly in the areas of social media, mobile and local search. In this article we provide 7 steps that will help you get on the right track to successful website marketing in 2013!

The SoLoMo Revolution and what it means for your business

SoLoMo - short for Social, Local, Mobile - is the combination of social media, local search and mobile communication that is currently revolutionising the way businesses market and interact with their customers.  Think of a Gen-Y using their mobile to check in on Facebook.

Should you develop a Mobile App for your business?

Yahoo recently purchased Internet App “Summly” from 17-year-old London school boy Nick D’Aloisio for $30 million. This news has generated renewed excitement around smart phone apps and the opportunities they present for business. The "Summly" app provides summaries of news items neatly on a smart phone screen. Although selling an app to Yahoo may not be in your business plan, an app could be an effective way to connect to and support your customers. Let’s take a look at how it works.

Beat Google with your new USP (Unique Social Purpose)

With the constant changes in search, the time and risk involved in achieving search engine rankings is hard to justify.  If you are chasing Google with a cutting edge SEO strategy, you are aiming at a fast moving target.  However, there is a better way.  Forget about chasing after Google and build an online community and social asset around your business.  We call this the new USP - Unique Social Purpose.

Social Media: Using Pinterest for Business

Since its launch in 2010, Pinterest has dramatically grown in its popularity with currently more than 48 million users worldwide. Its membership has also been steadily increasing in Australia with an estimated 450,000 members as of March 2012 (Nielsen, March 2012). Pinterest is an online pinup board, where users can organise their inspirations, interests and ideas on virtual pinboards, typically around niches like fashion, food, sports, travel, events and many more. In this article, we discuss how you can use Pinterest as part of your social media marketing.

Learn Online Marketing from President Barack Obama

Barack Obama is the most successful "new marketer" in history.  A twitter post by President Barack Obama announcing his recent victory, with the words “four more years” and an image of him hugging his wife Michelle, was the most shared twitter post of all time. This was the final example of what has been the total domination of the online space by the Obama campaign, with many lessons and examples of best practice that we can apply to our own online marketing.

Target your most recent website visitors with Google Remarketing

If you have ever had the eerie feeling that an advert is following you around the web, you are likely a victim of Google remarketing!  Marketeers often say that 7 to 12 interactions or “touches” are needed to convert a new customer. With this in mind, Google are now offering a remarketing advertising service, which really is a revolution in how businesses of any size can advertise online.

Adwords versus SEO – A Virtual Show Down

As the time and difficulty in achieving Google rankings increases, many web masters are moving away from Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to focus on Google Adwords.  Google Adwords enables you to list your website in Google searches immediately, for as many keywords as you wish.  With adverts appearing above and to the right of search results in highly visible positions, Google Adwords is a clear alternative to SEO.

Using Google+ for Business and Search Engine Rankings

Google+ is a new social network that is rapidly becoming an important player in the social media landscape. Google+ currently has over 90 million users worldwide and although this is still far from Facebook’s 800 million membership base, comparisons between the two are being made as this new social network gains momentum.

Design of Effective Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Facebook advertising is easy to set-up and can be very effective at targeting a niche demographic, when the correct strategy is put in place to maximise your return on investment. In this article I provide a 4-step process to measure and maximise your conversion rate on facebook advertising campaigns.

Is Social Media Marketing a Waste Of Money?

Social media sites like facebook, youtube, twitter and linkedin continue to grow at incredible rates, with the growing population of facebook users now passing 11 million across Australia.  With the huge potential access to users, businesses continue to swarm social media looking for opportunities to reach new customers.

Create A Home-Page that Actually Converts

Most website home-pages are a mish-mash of content, marketing-speak and half-hearted call to actions, often the result of a compromise between management, designers and marketing staff.  The committee approach taken often results in a confused message, too many ideas and a poor conversion rate.  In this article we discuss a better way, one based on finding a clear, focused message supported by universal design principles.

Do your website and social media profile photos need a reality check?

This month IdeaBank spoke with commercial web photographer Julissa Shrewsbury from New Work Photography.  Julissa has provided us a list of common online photo mistakes and tips on how to put your best face forward!

How to test a new business idea for free (and fast!)

For many entrepreneurs uncovering a new product, business model or innovation is one of the most exciting things about being in business. This excitement often leads to the over-commitment of resources, time and money on untested ideas. With the Internet, market research no longer needs to be expensive. The search engines are an incredible tool to help us identify trends, interests and profile new business ideas with ease.

How to optimise a web-page for search terms (keywords)

Keywords are the search terms Internet users enter into a search engine such as Google, Yahoo and Bing when they are searching online for a product or service.  They can be as generic as “office furniture” or as specific as “complete office fitouts in Melbourne”.  If you would like to improve the search engine rankings of your website, using the most appropriate keywords in your web-pages is an important first step.  In this article, we discuss how to use keywords in optimising your web-pages and achieving a better search engine ranking for your website pages, content, products and services.

(Video) Advice from Steve Jobs on Passion in Business

Steve Jobs believed in passion and persistence in business. Just last year Steve appeared on stage and distilled some profound business wisdom to new entrepreneurs. "People say that you have to have a lot of passion for what you do, and it is totally true. If you don't love it, you are going to give up, and that's what happens to most people. Most sane people will quit!"

Self-Publishing an eBook

The majority of ebooks will sell less than 150 copies, with most of these sales going to friends and family of the author. However, ebook sales are growing fast with the rapid uptake of mobile devices like ipads, the kindle and ebook readers. Total mobile ebook sales are forecast to reach $10B by 2016, with close to 1 million books in the Amazon Kindle Store. In this article I explore the how and why of producing an ebook, as a tool for promoting your business or consultancy.

Maximising sign-ups – Some help from Behavioural Economics

In this article we take a look at a critically important part of your website - sign-up pages.  We have teamed up with behavioural economics expert Bri Williams to apply the science of behaviour and influence to website design. Bri takes us on a tour of the behavioural principles used to maximise sign-ups by big online players such as facebook and amazon. We apply the behavioural principles of following the herd, status-quo bias, impulsivity and loss aversion to maximising sign-ups. If these terms are new to you, read on to learn more about this vital and emerging field - essential knowledge for every business owner!

Creating an online offer that converts in seconds

In this article we lead you through the process of creating and delivering a great offer on your website, with the goal of converting new leads and building your email database. The most important rule to follow is to keep it simple. Make the offer easy to understand, free of conditions and generous (ideally free!). Securing an email address and permission for future contact should always be the basis of any website offer.

24/7 Social Proof - How to achieve a huge increase in customer endorsements

Your customers rave about your business to their friends, but when it comes to lifting fingers to keyboard, testimonials are often difficult to come by. Customer endorsements on your website and social media are crucial in providing 24/7 social proof. In this article, we provide our battle tested strategies for achieving huge success in securing online customer testimonials and endorsements.

11 New Tips to Accomplish Great Work

Managing the distractions of email, phone calls, meetings and social media is vitally important if great work is to be accomplished. Although appealing, switching off your email and phone for days at a time is not a helpful option. Even worse is instantly responding to every incoming request without prioritisation. In this article I offer 11 new tips for staying on task, without cancelling your Internet connection!

Attraction Marketing - Earn Attention, Don't Buy It

The continual bombardment of our senses with commercials and branding messages has inoculated us with strong advertising resistance. With so many competing messages, it's no wonder we are choosing to tune out. TV, newspapers, magazines and billboards are fast losing the battle to interrupt our diminishing attention spans. How can your business attract new customers?

Tips from Google on What Counts as a High Quality Website

Google recently announced the new "Panda" update to Google search, which tackles the task of more rigorously assessing website quality. This has caused many sites with low quality content dramatically dropping in their search results.  Google have not released exactly how they measure the quality of a site, but they have provided us with a powerful list of questions to ask when assessing the quality of a website.

Audit Your Own Website - Our Top 22 Tips

The team at IdeaBank have put together a top 22 check-list for you to be able to audit your own website marketing.  Now you have the ammunition to hold your website designer accountable!

How to get to number 1 in Google

Your website should be a portal to your expert services, world-leading products and outstanding customer service. With its unique and engaging content, it must stand out amongst the buzz of ho-hum websites.

Creating great online content for your website

To appear in that search engine results for your product and service keywords, great content on your website is essential. How it works: The search engines rank website content according to Relevance and Popularity. Great content on your website, content that others link to, is essential to your rankings!

Managing your online business reputation

Just like in the "real" world, it is important to monitor and protect your online business reputation. This need is well illustrated by an example. A new client presented to us when faced with a negative online news article, written by a local journalist. This article had appeared in the local paper, and had also been listed on the local news website.

Why a website is often a waste of money

The reality is that the vast majority of small business websites do not see significant lead generation from the search engines. As the search engines shift to listing only websites with unique and popular content, most small business websites miss out on first page rankings, except in highly niche, local or business name searches.

Facebook for business

Social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Linkedin are fast becoming powerful tools for business to showcase their brands and interact with new and existing customers. Among today's popular social networking sites, Facebook remains the leading tool for social media interaction. According to Nielsen (2010), 75% of Australian users have visited Facebook and about 59% have their very own Facebook profiles.

LinkedIn for business

LinkedIn is a social networking site for business, enabling professionals and business owners to connect with colleagues and partners across the globe. It is also a powerful business reputation tool. As of August 2010, LinkedIn claims to have the world's largest professional network with over 75 million members. LinkedIn is a powerful social media website for business with wide adoption across Australia.

The effort/reward equation: do you have it right?

Is clicking through to your website worth my time? If I give you that personal information, what do I get in return? Is the price you are offering good enough for me to create yet another account?  These are the types of questions your customers will be considering in relation to your online business. I call it the effort/reward equation. Quite simply, the effort/reward equation is the subconscious determination of whether the effort required (user input) is worth the reward on offer (the product or service you are presenting).

Online payments made simple

A prospect hovers over your website checking out your fantastic offers and amazing online content. Finally….! Your visitor is eager and ready to open their wallet. Having come from a search engine, this could be a 1 in 1,000 visitor event! Then the search begins for the right button to click - buy now, add to cart, enquire here.

Selling online - the old rules of marketing still apply

For many established "bricks and mortar" businesses, building a complementary online presence is now an urgent task. In many industries, businesses are already well established online and aggressively pursuing domination of their respective niche. How is an online business different from a traditional bricks and mortar store?

Article writing for search engine rankings

There are many ways to improve your website's search engine rankings, but one of the most effective is through writing and syndicating articles on content relevant to your business. By providing your articles for free to other websites, you can obtain links to your website, resulting in greater traffic and higher search engine rankings. In this article we address how to write a great article and syndication of these articles.

Using Google Adwords for ad campaigns

Google Adwords is a powerful tool for generating new leads into your business from the Google search engine. Adwords is pay per click (PPC), which means you only pay when a user clicks on your ad. Your advertisements appear at the top and right hand side of Google search results. You can list your advert to appear on as many search terms (keywords) as you like. When a user clicks on your advert, they are taken to a page of your choice on your website.

Using Google Places to rank high in local search

The use of search to source local services has exploded in recent times, in part driven by the new features of search engines to easily locate local businesses. Google Places provides the easiest and quickest way to be listed near the top of a Google search for location specific keywords. As such, it is important to take advantage of your free business listing in Google Places.

Why are our online product sales so low? An insider's guide

With the hype surrounding the massive growth in online product sales, many business owners feel conned when instant profits are not quickly realised. The truth is that creating a successful online store or e-commerce website is incredibly challenging, particularly with a shoe-string marketing budget. Success depends on picking the right niche, product innovation and a unique online content strategy.

How to choose a domain name

The first step in creating a website is to decide on an appropriate domain name. A domain name is a unique address that your customers will use to visit your site. As such it is important to choose a name that is easy to spell and remember.